Undisputable Derby Dominance 

With Saturday’s victory, Sevilla FC once again consolidated their absolute superiority in the Seville’s El Gran Derbi. It takes the toll to 59 wins in 129 matches in the First division, the Second division, the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Europa League. Added to that, there have been 30 draws, meaning a win percentage of 46.8% and a win-or-draw percentage of 70.6%.

These undisputable figures are similar to those from Derbis in the First division, in which Sevilla FC have won 43 of the 92 games played to date, resulting in a win percentage of 46.7%. Along with the 43 victories there have been 21 draws, which correspond to a win-or-draw percentage of 69.5%.

Sevilla´s form in El Gran Derbi is on the up. It is now eight Derbis without defeat, with a record of seven wins and just one draw – and only one goal conceded to register an aggregate score of 15-1.

Sevilla’s dominance has come to the fore this Century. From the 34 meetings between the two sides since the turn of 2000, Sevilla have won 17, drawn 12 and lost just 5. The win percentage is 50%, with a win-or-draw percentage of 85.2%.

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