Tales from the Treatment Room: Chesterfield vs. Barnsley

Read via Chesterfield FC’s matchday programme

In a brand new feature in Spire Writes, physio Roger Wylde will be providing updates and tales from the treatment room at the Proact:

In this new feature, I would like to give fans a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the medical room. Not only will regular updates on the progression of injuries be provided, but also the funny stories and goings on that emerge while the players undergo their treatment.

For example, just recently, a player who will remain nameless was asked by his son why the sun follows them in the car, and he went on to explain that it was because the sun rose in the north and set in the south.

This will be an opportunity for players to actually tell stories about other players and get them laughed at, I will just be an intermediary for this, as is the case at the stadium.

We also want to give the fans an opportunity to ask the players about anything they would like to know about, be it football, music or TV, for example.

Email into media@chesterfield-fc.co.uk and we will pick out a question to be put forward to a player of your choice and whoever’s question that is chosen will receive a signed programme.

On a more serious note, pre-season has enabled us to clear the injury list, with a full squad of first-team players now available for selection today.

Drew Talbot is back fit and got 45 minutes under his belt in the final pre-season game against Hartlepool. He has recovered from a serious bilateral adductor longus evulsion fracture operation, and, after a hamstring injury picked up at the start of pre-season, is in contention for a place in the starting XI today.

Over the last year, Aaron Chapman has had a bilateral ankle reconstruction on both legs. Due to a congenital condition he was always susceptible to having to have this reconstruction to make his ankles more stable. After becoming a professional when he joined the club, the workload obviously increased and he has had both ankles operated on, the last one being in May.

He is now back fit and made a world class save against Sheffield Wednesday behind closed doors on Thursday last week.

Youngsters Lawrence Maguire and Myles Wright have suffered hip flexor and hamstring injuries respectively in pre-season in an otherwise fully fit squad.

Roger Wylde

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